Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Week Through the Lenses of a Camera

How has your week been we have a slower week than normal. It was a much needed rest.
 I love peacocks. The colors of this bird just bring lots of smiles.
 Our local zoo now has a honey observation hive. We made it a point to spend some time with the bees. Little Man wasn't as impressed.

 Bug liked all the educational material that I had to read to her. Even through she could of taught about the honeybee herself.
 Lots of busy bees.
 Bug always wants to visit the horses.
 Too cute the babies at the zoo are always a favorite.
 We found the girl on our front porch dying. Bug said, " it ran out of energy and needed food" She had me put some honey next to her. She enjoyed the honey and we watched her take flight and return home to our hives. Smart little girl I have to know that she just didn't have enough energy to make the flight home over into the backyard.
 Seven of our caterpillars emerged this week.
We identified it as a Silvery Checkerspot which we found out lays it's eggs on the sunflower. Which is where we found the caterpillars chomping away on our sunflowers.
 This one still hasn't opened all of the wings yet.
 This poor one didn't make it. It was weak and for some reason couldn't get it's wings opened all the way. Bug doesn't know that it died. I put in by the sunflowers and it slowly died.

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