Monday, August 11, 2014

What Not to Do With your Frames

I don't know what happen. Obviously, I put the foundation in wrong into the frames. This was in Anastassia's first honey super. There was 4 of them like this in a 10 frame box. She was working the other frames somewhat and a very little comb drawn out. I had put a honey super on her June 22nd and we found this mess on July 6th. What a set back for her. We just put a brand new box on her and I took this one inside to clean up. 
 The good news is that she was looking good in the brood boxes and has lots of broad and honey. This is why I am glad we have two hives so I can take some frames from Bolt if needed.
Our first year beekeeping is proving to be interesting.
 Bug is still loving it she just can't handle the heat at this time. She still helps out a lot.Hopefully with the rain and the nectar flow still going on in mid-July she can recover from this set back.

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