Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Field Trip at the Zoo

We had a wonderful day at the zoo with friends in our homeschool group awhile back. It was a gorgeous day that was mild. My favorite kind as it wasn't hot and muggy out.
The black mambo. I don't think I have ever seen this snake active before
 Little Man found the donkey which is actually newer to the farm area.
 Okay I know I have taken pictures of the hive before. Did you notice how clear it is this time. I got a new camera that is a much better camera that we can expand with lenses as the budget allows.

You can see some of the burr comb the girls have build up on the glass.
 The girls look like they are working hard.
 One happy girl when she sees the bees.
 This is a gorgeous picture in my opinion. I am thinking of making this his yearly picture.
 Milking the cow. It's not a real one.
 Little Man taking a turn.
 Interesting face, wonder what he's thinking.
 Bug took the flower pictures.
A carpenter bee forging in the wildflowers.
 This tiger was not so pleased with me disturbing it's meal. Right after I snapped this picture the tiger pounced on the glass right at me. I was down on my knees taking pictures. Grateful for the glass enclosure. Can't help not to wonder what it was thinking.
 Little Man was excited with the eagles being so active.
It's seems like the beginning of the school year is busy with field trips as the weather is so nice.

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