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Apologia Educational Ministries iWitness Book Review
Apologia Educational Ministries has come out with another amazing series. I was happy to be able to review books from the iWitness series. I received the iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness, and the Old Testament iWitness for this review.

The iWitness series is for many different ages, the reading level is more suited for ages 11 an up. The cost of are iWitness Biblical Archaeology($14.00), NewTestament iWitness($14.00), and the Old Testament iWitness($14.00).

iWitness books are written by Doug Powell. These are softbound books and are around 60 pages. The books are laid out in fun format that makes the books to look like it would be an ancient book. The pages are all unique using different fonts that are placed to look like an old journal or maybe a modern day scrapbook. The pages are thick and glossy.

I think this was the one I was most excited about as archaeology has always fascinated me and the fascination has rubbed off on my kids. It was even more exciting reading about the places I visited in Israel last spring. It begins by explaining what archaeology is and then building upon it with the many discoveries.

 Ancient Shilo

This covers a lot of the archaeological discoveries that have been revealed in modern history. This is jammed packed with pictures of places, artifacts, scripture references that pertain to the location or item. Archaeology gives proof to those who would be skeptical of God’s word.

Did you know that different ancient cultures that have a myth on a great flood killing off everyone except for one family? There are lots of other interesting topics to discover:

The Flood
Looking for Noah's Ark
Egyptian Chronology
The Exodus
The House of David Inscriptions
YHWH Inscriptions
Sennacherib's Siege of Jerusalem -(Finds at Nineveh)
Sennacherib's Siege of Jerusalem -(Finds at Jerusalem)
Old Testament History
Dead Sea Scrolls
Oldest Old Testament Copies
Hadrian and Constantine
Jesus' Judges
Jesus' World
Jesus' World- (Jerusalem)
New Testament Locations
New Testament Inscriptions
The Burial Shroud of Jesus?

I am a strong believer that the Old Testament is the foundation of our beliefs and that it all points to our Savior Jesus. As a Messianic Believer who observes the Biblical Feast and we are familiar with the Jewish history and oral traditions this one was interesting to see how it was presented to others. I think Doug Powell did a wonderful job presenting terminology, culture, and even Jewish thought in a respectful way.


Then there is an explanation of the Catholic Bible and Protestant Bible and the history of how it is laid out and why certain books aren’t included. Old Testament iWitness also touches on the topic of archeology.


Just understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls and the book of Isaiah includes too much archeology to not discuss it. We know that the book of Isaiah is accurate because of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Canon Criteria
Canon Formation
Documentary Hypothesis
Covenants (And Near East Treaties)
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
The Scrolls
Wisdom Books
History Books
Intertestamental Period
Apocrypha Acceptance
Apocrypha Canonization
Dead Sea Scrolls
New Testament

Pool of Siloam

Are you curious as to how the New Testament and the history of how the books went through the process throughout the ages to be placed in what we now consider the New Testament? Or maybe you want more information about who wrote them?  The New Testament has more copies than any other ancient book that has been discovered and the good news is that the accuracy of the New Testament is like 99%. To me that is very reassuring that we are reading the same thing that the authors wrote.

Canon Criteria
Church Fathers
Muratorian Canon
The Gospel
The Apostle
Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic Age
Synoptic Problem
Hymns and Creeds
Rejected Books
Canon Certainty
How it was Copied
Number of Copies
Copying Methods
Differences in the Copies
Manuscript Families
Textual Criticis
Recovered Text

I enjoyed reading this to my children. Both of the kids enjoyed the information and it brought on some great conversation with my kids about God’s word. I love it when I can give my kids an education that is from a Christian worldview.

Little Man actually ended up reading iWitness Biblical Archaeology on his own because he thought it was too intriguing to wait for me to finish it during school. He actually got a double dose of iWitness Biblical Archaeology with me reading it as a read out loud and him taking it upon himself to read it. My family has learned a lot from this thought provoking series. I don’t have anything negative to say about any of these books. This is a great series and I look forward to more books to come out in this series next year.

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