Monday, October 27, 2014

Bug's Bat Mitzvah

Bug had her Bat Mitzvah on October 18th. This has been a long road of learning Hebrew for Bug. Having learning disabilities and a struggling reader has made the preparation interesting. She did it and I am so proud of her. We had to really customize her Bat Mitzvah and that is the beauty of it as it was an extension of her and her style. Having a child with Autism, SPD, and the list could go on makes learning interesting. Learning another language adds a whole new meaning to learning disabilities. Learning Hebrew at home for the most part has been an amazing journey. 

I have to put a plug in for one product as this hasn't been an easy journey for Bug. She had to work twice as hard to get to this day. I'm not getting paid or asked to sponsor this product . I just believe in sharing something that has enhanced our learning and I have seen the results to get to this day. We were at the point of thinking that it would be impossible for Bug to do a Bat Mitzvah. Then I stumbled on a Hebrew program that turned it around and I had hope that it was possible for Bug to do a Bat Mitzvah.

If you are wanting to learn Hebrew I would highly recommend Cap iT! Hebrew. I seen the light bulbs go off for Bug while teaching her Hebrew using Cap iT!. My son has completed all three courses and is doing extremely well in Hebrew. He reads Hebrew and is starting to comprehend more of what he is reading now. Now he just needs an outlet to speak it more so he can understand when someone is speaking Hebrew to him.

I will share the links of my reviews at the end of this post.
Bug did her Bat Mitzvah with another girl in our synagogue. We started out the service with the girls walking around with the Torah.
That's daddy and grandpa bringing out the large Torah scroll and the girls bringing out the smaller Torah's.
 Grandpa lead the Torah procession.
 Bug is looking pretty happy walking around with her bright purple Tallit.

She had some amazing helpers. Her Torah portion was B'Resheet (Genesis) 1:1 and 1:26. She didn't do the whole portion as it would of been two much for her.

We pre-recorded some of her presentation so it wouldn't overwhelm her. We had a friend recite the Torah blessing before and afterwards. Another one read some information out loud about HaShem's amazing creation that Bug put together. Which of course centered around different insects and honeybees.
 My little girl reading her portion.
 My proud, "Daughter of the Commandments". She is walking back to where I was sitting and gave me a big hug! Look at that smile on her face.
 Our Synagogue's Torah Scroll.
 This Torah Scroll came from Poland and is estimated to be around 300-400 years old. It is in need of some repair and it's starting to show as it is getting pretty fragile.
 Of course we had a honeybee theme for the celebration downstairs. The other girl had a candy theme - it was a good fit.
 We had lots of honey, honey stix, and honey candy to share with the guest.
 It was important for Bug to share her love of bees and insects. So we set up a display table downstairs. My little beekeeper had to show of her passion of being a backyard beekeeper.
 She wanted others to see products from the beehive.
 Then we showed the tools and a beehive box that you need to keep bees.
My beautiful little girl is pretty happy with everything. We served her favorite foods Macaroni and cheese, cake, and lots of challah bread. (With honey and even a few creamed honey's).

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