Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Week Through the Lenses of a Camera

 I got a new camera and it's been a learning curb. We are playing around with the different settings.

These pictures are actually a couple of weeks of pictures. Some I did and other ones the kids took the pictures.
 The honeybee was just getting ready to land on the sunflower. It was nice being not so close to the object to get a decent picture.
 This is the same honeybee forging on the sunflower for awhile. It was gorgeous watching her turn yellow from all the pollen.
 Our faithful German Shepherd, "Angel". She is always taking care of the family.

 If the kids are outside then she is out with them.
 Angel and Rascal
 It's a moving picture. I was so excited to get a clear picture of something in motion.
 Priceless. That face captured on a picture.
I love the picture of the male praying mantis. Bug took this picture.
 An eastern bumble bee. Her legs are covered in pollen.
 A female praying mantis.
 Prairie Robber Fly
 A morning rainbow.
 I dared to get close enough while the bees are cleaning off the frames.
 I wasn't very close and can't image what it would be like with a macro lens. One day when our budget allows me to splurge.
I took the bag out of the box to add a new one and they didn't miss a beat to get out every last drop.

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