Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week in Review #7-9-2014-2015

It has been several weeks since I have posted on "Week in Review". It just amazing how fast it got away from me. I am not even going to try to play catch up with it.

Everyone has been sick except for Bug. That is an amazing statement to say that she has not been sick considering that we passed it around the house. She is the one who usually catches everything and then it gets pretty extreme with her.

Bug has been having seizures again and she is also starting to regress in her skills again and it has been somewhat stressful for the family.
We have also been busy with Bug's Bat Mitzvah. She did it last Saturday. I will put up a post later on it.

Then we also started the fall feeding of the bees and doing other things to prepare them for winter. I've been telling everyone that I have thousands of mouths to feed everyday!

Our mentor has been calling us and letting us help with her hives. We have re-queened one of her hives. I had no love for that hive as it was extremely aggressive and we have endured lots of stings from it. I can happily say that the queen in now pinned and ready to go into Bug's entomology box. We have been learning a lot these last few weeks about beekeeping and it has kept us pretty busy. 

After we harvested honey from Bug's hives we have been selling lots of honey and have made lots of other products from the hives. Another unexpected thing that has kept us busy

We have been still doing school except, when we where all pretty sick it was off and on.

The TOS Crew reviews has kept us busy as we are getting ready to end this season of reviews for the year. I applied for the next year and we will go from there.

God has been doing some changes in our lives and we have been in prayer about some important decisions that we have been seeking God  for His direction. I don't know at this time how this will lead us in the future but, I trust that God is in control. 

I am hoping to get a Week in Review up this week but, its hard to say as our congregation leader and his wife are on a much needed two week vacation which, has left us to oversee everything. With ministry you just never know what will happen from day to day.

I praise God for all things. Even when life is busy, stressful, tearful, and we are all just plain tired. I am so grateful that I have a Savior to help us in all things. We serve a loving God and I am grateful that Yeshua is in our lives and that I have a wonderful family to endure all this with.

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