Monday, November 3, 2014

Horse Stable Field trip

 Awhile back we had a field trip with our homeschool group. It was actually sponsored through the therapy center that Bug does her horse therapy at.
 The kids learned about the different saddles and how they are used. They even had one of the saddles that is used for those who are handicaped and need support to sit on a horse. The horse therapy generated a lot of questions. I was happy that it brought on so much interest and awareness about how important horse therapy is for individuals.
 Then the kids got to find out the differert parts of a horse.
 What kid doesn't love to get up and personal with a gorgeous horse. Everyone was quick to try and answer a question so they could get up to touch the horse. 

This horse is also one of the therapy horses at the center. His name is, "Diamond" and he is such a gentle horse.
My kids thought it was silly seeing the horse with post it notes on them.
 One of the girls pointing to what she thought the horse part was called.
 Bug got to demonstrate for the group what a horse therapy session looks like. She rode on Winnie for the presentation.
 Bug was thrilled as she got to ride twice in a week.
 Told you she was happy!
 Little Man listening to the presentation. He looks so serious.
 The highlight of the field trip was being able to groom the horses. Diamond again.
 Little Man making sure he said, "hi" to all the horses.
 The kids found out that even horses have to take a bath once in awhile.
Rascal was missing in action so the ladies brought him out so Bug could show her friends the horse she is currently riding. I guess Rascal was being a bit grouchy this particular day. Bug was happy to see him.

It was a fun field trip. What kid doesn't like horses?

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