Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week in Review #14-17-2014-2015

How is your homeschool going this year? We have actually had a pretty good year despite plans not being the way I planned to do them! 

As you can tell my Week in Review has been a hit and miss too often this year. Such is life and this year I may change up the style that I have done in the pass. So you may see me doing it a few different ways in the coming weeks. Who knows I may decide that I like the way I have always done it.

We are still studying Ancient Israel and some of the surrounding countries that interacted with Israel.
We love our Calendar work which we do every day. It's helpful when I need to know the date when I'm out and about as I just ask my kids the date. I can never remember the date anymore.
Bug loves her readers this year. We are using Pathway Readers and it's getting her to slow down with them. The workbooks go along nicely with the books. Seeing my struggling reader want to read is such a blessing. 
We are exploring the Galilee region in Israel with, "Let's Go Explore Galilee" by Kim Washburn. We stamp our Israel Passport, add things into our notebook, and find the area on our map of Israel.
Little Man working on his lessons with Teaching Textbooks. Then we have been hitting memorizing math facts and skip counting hard.
 Bug is almost finished with her handwriting workbook. I am really proud of her handwriting. She has been hurting really bad lately with her flare up of her arthritis as it is getting worse. She struggles with handwriting and her writing has improved a lot. 
 Little Man and Bug love Veritas Press Egypt study. Little Man does the test part as Bug just listens to the lessons.
 Little Man is enjoying, "The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian"
As you can see from just one side of our planner that we have been busy with Dr. appointments for Bug and the next couple of weeks are looking kinda of the same. Bug had an MRI and overall it looked pretty good considering her issues. They didn't need to sedate her. Thank God as she will need to be sedated in a few more weeks for a minor surgery.

Yes, Thursday I took off for me, as I needed to recoup from an emotional roller coaster that has been going on in our life for several weeks. My mind was not thinking clearly so I needed to just stop because, I needed a cry and prayer day. I'm better now that the roller coaster is behind us and I know that God is in control of all things. I may not understand why things happened the way they did but, its time to get up and move forward with joy. 

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