Friday, January 16, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean Week 2-Pantry

I am trying to get a bit more organized around my house. I am linking up with the 34 Weeks of Clean at Family, Faith, and Fridays. This is Week 2 challenge and I guess I am a week behind but, my pantry is organized!

 I didn’t do Week 1 as we didn’t have any Christmas decorations to take down. I guess I could have done a post on taking down Hanukkah decorations.
This pantry drives me crazy. It's pretty much a snack pantry. The kids just throw things back in there once they get their snack. You have to dig around to find what you want. A lot of times things get left on the table instead of back in the pantry-grrrr!
Really it's not a lot of things in there as my family pretty much doesn't stray from their favorite snacks-often. Little Man and me are the ones who like a bit of variety to our snacks.
Here we have it all clean and organized. I even wiped down the cabinets shelves. They didn't look that dirty until I actually cleaned them and seen the dirt on the rag.

I had all the containers here already. They used to be in the classroom. I was glad I was able to find a new use for them.
I decided to put the cereal up higher so you can just reach in the back and grab your cereal without taking everything out or knocking stuff over.
I put the granola bars on the bottom for Bug. That way she doesn't have to reach as high and it will be easy for her to grab if her arthritis is giving her a bad day. 

This is Bug's favorite food. I hope they never stop making these granola bar as it is the only brand and flavor that she will eat. Pretty much the one of maybe 10 things she will eat!
I am at a lost to what to do with my plastic containers at this time. But I do keep in organized so I can grab what I need. I just have to take things out to get to certain ones. Except I actually put it back after I find what I want!
This is our down stairs pantry that we keep extras and stock up on things when they are on sale or we have a great coupon. Notice the large pile of granola bars! Not to much in here but, it's nice having a bit extra knowing you saved money buying it when it was on sale. We also shop at Sam's Club for certain items. 

I can't take any credit for this area. It was already organized by my beloved husband who made this his project when we moved into the house. He even puts the food down here when we come home from the grocery store.
 He even found a place for the growing supplies we need for the beehives. Unfortunately, this is only the empty pails. Our basement is a bit cold and we don't have a bucket warmer for the honey. The 5 gallons of honey that are filled our in our bedroom. It takes up a lot of room but, it works for now.
This is behind the door of the pantry and holds all the paper goods, utensils, and a few more odds and end. Including a few of our masonry jars.
We use to store plastic utensils in here. Now its pretty empty except for a few candles, latex gloves, and brown lunch bags. I just need to figure out another use for the empty drawers.
My beloved keeps a permanent marker on the shelves and writes the expiration dates on the boxes. He also rotates when he puts things on the shelf.
This is in our office downstairs on top of a bunch of file cabinets. It drives me crazy but, it's minor compared to the other beehive supplies elsewhere in the house. My beloved also takes care of this area. Except I put the lids in the plastic shoe boxes as I didn't like how he had it at first.

One area is nice and tidy and I don't know if I'll get the Week 3 challenge cleaning the kitchen cabinets!


  1. The snack pantry looks great! What a good idea to use the stacking organizers to maximize the vertical space.

  2. Renee, ok, I do not even know where to start. You did a FABULOUS job! The snack pantry looks fantastic! I love the idea of raising the cereal boxes! And your downstairs pantry, WOW! Your hubby has done a fabulous job, including dating stockpiled food. That is a great tip for people! How about moving your plastic ware into the empty plastic bins? Thanks for linking up! I hope you will join us for other weeks! I will be sharing your post later in the week!


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