Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week in Review #21-22-2014-2015

The last two weeks we have been getting back into our schedule. I don't know why I always think of it as catching up after a break. The reality is that with homeschooling I can school year around. Which we do on many occasions and then take off when needed. I guess it's our worst enemy as a homeschooling mamma. We tend to freak out if we miss to much time off from school. Then I had to reminded myself that most kids are off during winter break anyways. When the public school is closed for the holidays is actually the time we usually get a lot done as we don't have our crazy Dr an therapy schedule. It just didn't happen this year.
 Little Man is still enjoying the workbook and stories with Christian Light Reading. As you can see he enjoys doodling a whole lot also.
 One of the greatest joys is seeing my son enjoy reading a book. Sometimes it feels like a lost art in today's electronic age. Not that he wouldn't rather being on the computer or a tablet if given a choice.
 Little Man really enjoyed the story, "Captain or Deck Hand?" He read it twice.
 He even read a poem to his sister about insects. He made his big sister very happy. She kissed and hugged him. He ran off screaming, YUK! 
Which then made her sad. Boys!
 Bug working on her math. She is actually doing some division. So far good.
 We are learning about Israel still and are learning about Jerusalem in our studies.
 Bug's favorite part is adding a piece to our map. She loves anything to do with the Kotel or better known as the Western Wall.
 Little Man is stamping his Israeli passport for the city of Jerusalem.
 One of the many books we are reading about Israel, "Let's Explore Jerusalem" 
by Kim Washburn.
 We learned a bit about a Righteous Among the Nations, Oskar Schindler. We watched a few videos of those who were saved by Oskar Schindler during the Holocaust, a short biography on him, and few other videos from YouTube.
We are still reading the story of Masada and are almost done with this book.
 I showed the kids some of the pictures of Masada when we where in Israel in 2013.
 Heading up to the top of Masada by cable car. I wasn't ready to try the Snake Path nor, did we have time to go that route with our tour.
 Pictures say a thousand words. The kids can imagine what the Jewish people in Masada seen when looking down on the Roman encampments and the wall the Romans erected around Masada.
 The story talks about the Jewish people looking down at the Sea of Salt (Dead Sea). Very pretty from on top of the plateau of Masada.
 I didn't have a good picture of the Snake Path. Thanks to YouTube I was able to show the kids what it would of been like going up and down the path.
 Some of the buildings in Masada.
 Looking into the cistern that provided water for the Jewish people 
during the Masada siege.
 Little Man is preparing for his green belt. He just needs to know the Korean names by heart. Not an easy task for him.
 I never know how he will be sitting while he is learning. It drives me crazy. I guess I can't complain because he is learning in whatever position
is is doing his schoolwork in!
 We are reviewing the books of the Bible.
 Almost sitting.
 Sigh, how can he read that way? It makes my head spin.
At the end of the week the school room shows that we had a productive week. Praise the Lord that it was a good week and I had the joy of teaching my children and seeing them learn new things.

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