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Week in Review #23-24-2014-2015

So my Week in Review seems to be 2 weeks in review lately. Okay so I am trying to get it out weekly. 

For Week 23 we had a full week of school. We finished off our read out loud of Masada. The kids really enjoyed the story but,as you can imaging that the ending of the story surprised both kids. 

Little Man has been writing stories with his Bob Jones 3 Writing and Grammar.He started out his week planning a story. He had to choose a game to explain as his topic. He choose to explain the rules of Red Rover.

Bug had a lighter week as she wasn't feeling well due to her arthritis flaring up. She did some schooling online with ESL and CTC Math for the most part.
 She got back in the saddle again and started horse therapy again after having a few weeks off. She is doing strengthening exercise on her upper trunk area.
If you look closely you can see that she is pushing herself up in a standing position. Not an easy task for a child who has low muscle tone and strength. I don't think I could do it.
 Little Man attended a birthday party that included ice skating.
 He enjoys ice skating.
Bug and I were content watching him ice skate.

Week 24 started out the week with a trip to the hospital to have four teeth extracted. Bug has to do it in the hospital due to her medical complexity.
 This particular hospital has you go into the pediatrics ward for check in and afterwards for post op after the surgery.
 She is just waiting and trying not to be nervous about the surgery.
 Little Man playing a game to pass the time.
 Little Man must of took this pictures after the surgery. My poor little girl.
 My little girl is not happy.
This was suppose to be an outpatient surgery and it ended up with Bug having to stay in the hospital overnight due to complications. 

She was miserable. She had an extraction break off and one of the roots got left in so they had to do a bit more work in that area. It didn't want to stop bleeding. Then on top of that she had a hard time with the anesthesia as she wouldn't stop throwing up and it lasted until 2:00 in the morning. Even after giving her an medicine to stop throwing up. 

Throwing up and teeth extractions are not a good combination. Then add her blood clotting disorder on top of it. Being dehydrated is not a good thing for anyone. With some one that has a blood clotting and stroke history makes it even more complex. She has never had issues with the anesthesia before with all of her other surgery's. I was very glad to be home in my own bed after this ordeal. 

Bug is doing better despite having some pain and not being able to eat much. She's a trooper. 
 We had an overnight guest stay with us. One of the girls came up to visit the porch light. Bug was afraid she would freeze to death overnight as it was too late to take her into the hive and very cold. So we captured her and let her go the next day when it warmed up and she could fly without freezing up.
 The girls love the porch lights. I didn't think one of them would be crazy enough to venture out on a cold night. She was pretty stiff when we brought her in.
 I never now who to expect anymore as an overnight guest.
 We had a field trip the next day after she got out of the hospital at the Wichita Toy Train Mueseum.
 Bug wasn't quite her cheerful self and was a bit dazed from the pain medication.
 Who doesn't like playing with trains.
 This particular man is retired from being and engineer for the Sante Fe after some 40 years.
 Little Man learning about switching on the tracks.
 Bug is learning about passenger trains.
 Despite having a good time, she felt horrible and found a quite place to set down and watch the trains roll on by.
I'll share more about our field trip in another post. Both kids got hats at the museum. Little Man thought it would be a good idea to let Bug curl up on the couch and watch a movie on the Kindle.

As for school the rest of the week, life happens and we didn't get any done. I'll share with you why next week.

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