Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Toy Train Museum Fieldtrip

Trains what a fun field trip. A few weeks ago we went on a field trip at the Wichita Toy Train Museum. It was both educational and fun. Lots of hands on with this field trip.I am going to show most of it in pictures.
Train races.
The details just amaze me.
I loved this quilt.
Hobo symbols that let others know what was available in a certain town.
A European town.
The European town was my favorite one.
The details are just amazing.
The McDonald's was animated.
Bug is learning about passenger trains.
Little Man is learning about different sizes of toy trains.
Such details
What is a toy train museum without some hands on playing of the trains.
This particular man goes to our congregation and is a volunteer at the museum. What a fun shirt.
Bug is learning about train switching.
Mobile homes! Not quite as detailed as other items on display.
Bug was pretty tired as she had four teeth extracted 2 days before the field trip and was on pain medication. This is a model of a Flint Hill community in Kansas in the 1800s.
Flint Hills.
If I understood correctly this is an active model of a crane in Newton, Kansas
Bug noticed this building! Beehives and not just one but three hives. She was pretty impressed with the hives and the Red Clover Honey sign.
The inside of a general store.
Geo Tracks
More of the European town.
Two tired kids who are pretty proud of the engineer hats.

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