Monday, March 30, 2015

Wheat Weaving Field Trip

We had a lot of fun learning about wheat and how to weave the wheat into shapes. It was a big hit among the kids and adults alike.
Wheat weaving has been around for a long time since wheat and other grains have been growing and cultivated. 

It was pretty amazing watching those braids turn into a beautiful piece of art. Of course the kids and parents just learned the basics.
The kids where exposed to books about wheat and wheat weaving. 
Little Man was pretty serious about weaving his wheat into a shape. Doing the braids made your hands a bit sore and you could see Little Man thinking pretty hard while making his braids
We had a gracious teacher and she helped Bug with a special braid. The arthritis in her hands didn't want to work to do the braid the other kids were doing.
The final results of the hard work. Some of the kids also did collages.
Bug got quite creative on her collage adding wheat and dried rose buds.

What kind of fun field trips have you been doing lately with your kids?

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