Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day at the Farm

A few weekends ago we visited some friends who have a small farm just a short drive outside of Wichita. The weather wasn't cooperating as it was raining and extremely windy with the tornado sirens going off in the next county over. We weren't even sure if we were going to be able to make it outside to look around.
Finally, the rain stopped and we ventured outside in the Kansas extreme wind. Brr! it was cold outside but, the animals on the farm warmed our hearts.

Bug fell head over heels in love with the bunnies. All 25+ of them. Of course she was more interested in the babies. All I heard the kids talk about the following week was, "if they can have a bunny or two"? All I could imagine was my dogs making dog food out of the cute bunnies. It was a horrible thought.
I  was more interested in the chickens as I want a few myself roaming in our backyard. I think I need a small farm. The homesteading bug has hit me pretty hard the last few years. I think I will have to wait awhile longer as my German Shepard would see them as fast food.
 They let Bug take home a dozen eggs that she pulled out. She woke up the next day worried that I didn't take care of her eggs that she picked! Sounded like she was picking flowers. I made her a few hard boiled eggs and she was very happy. She was too cute.
Then both kids helped milk the goats. Even kitty was excited about the milking. I thought kitty was going to get kicked. Kitty wasn't concerned even though he has been kicked before. He just wanted some fresh goat's milk. Kitty wasn't shy about letting everyone know either.
It was a windy day and the kids tried to fly their new kites which pretty much got torn up in the wind.

It was a fun day at the farm for the whole family.

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