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Fast Freddy by Lee Ann Mancini Book Review

 fast freddie
Fast Freddy is one of the sea kids that live in the “coralhood.” Fast Freddy overcomes the ridicule of being different (half shark, half octopus) from the other kids in his new school. Once they find out he can swim fast like a shark, they ask him to join the swim team. They realize he is a great kid and are happy that he helps them win the championship for the first time. He comes from behind overcoming Marcus who is a formidable threat on team Barracudas. His octopus arms wave in victory as he crosses the finish line! Freddy receives the MVP award, but says a prayer of thanks to Jesus for being different and having new friends.

About the Author:

Lee Ann ManciniLee Ann Mancini graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Regent University (1990), a Masters in Biblical and Theology Studies from Knox Seminary, Magna Cum Laude (2014), and a Masters in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Cum Laude (2014). Lee Ann also received her certificate of completion from the Ravi School of Apologetics (2011).

Lee Ann is currently an adjunct professor teaching Ministerial Ethics and Romans at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. She is has taught Bible Study for over 10 years and has been an active community volunteer/leader for over 20 years: Representing children as a Palm Beach County Guardian Ad Litem, International Affairs commission Chair for St. Joan of Arc Council of Catholic Women, Community Support Chair for the Junior League of Boca Raton, and CCD religious education teacher for St. Joan of Arc. Initiated and chaired the Auction for Boca Raton High School for six years, and initiated and chaired the PTSA for Boca Raton High School for two years. In addition, Lee Ann is involved in the Women’s Ministry at Spanish River Christian Church and is on board Alexandrian Forum under the tutelage of Dr. Warren Gage Th.M., J.D., Ph.D., seeking to bring a greater understanding of the Bible by hosting annual Typology Conferences in South Florida dedicated to the theme of Christ as the center of Scripture. In addition, Lee Ann speaks to women groups regarding the redemptive power of the gospel represented though the types of brides of the church.

In addition, Lee Ann is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and Society for Pentecostal Studies. She was awarded “Woman of Distinction Award” by the Soroptimists International of Boca Raton 1995, among other awards in service to the community, school, and church.

Lee Ann is married and has two children. She loves to read, jog, and teach the Word of God. She is also a Christian Children’s author with a series of books, which will make their debut in 2015.

My thoughts:

My daughter has special needs and it can be tough at times having a child with special needs. The things that happen can break a mom’s heart. Hearing the mean things that kids say to my daughter at times just makes this mommy cry. The stares because she looks different are heartbreaking. 

I always tell my daughter that she is made perfect in Jesus eyes. That I love her just the way she is and wouldn’t change anything about her. I loved this story about Freddy and one of my favorite page is:

“That night Freddy knelt by his bed and bowed his head and prayed; “Dear Jesus thank you for making me so different and special”
The characters are charming in this story. The illustrations are colorful and very appealing. 

The best part is the story which is a wonderful much needed story that deals with a hard topic. Looking different is tough and scary when you’re a kid. Just because you are special doesn’t mean that you can’t do amazing things and you also make a great friend if you just give them a chance.

“Getting an award will be great, but having friends is even better! I love my new school and all my new friends”

My kids both enjoyed this story as did mom. I would recommend this story to every parent. Teach your kids early and talk to them about others who look or act different than they do. A great way to begin teaching your children is with a book.

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Title: Fast Freddy
Author: Lee Ann Mancini
Illustrator: Dan Sharp
Publisher: GLM Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-5781-4076-6

I received this book free from the publisher through the book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.  

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