Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Passover 2015

I pray that you had a wonderful Passover this year. We did Passover completely different this year. We had our Passover Seder at home with family and friends instead of a community event. 

We were blessed to have 18 wonderful friends and family join us in our home this Passover.
 It was quite and interesting concept preparing a full Passover Seder meal. My house all last week was a complete mess with cooking and more cooking.
 Thanks to a wonderful friend I learned how to make the perfect homemade Matza Ball Soup. They came out light and fluffy. The best part was that they tasted wonderful. Even the gluten free Matza Balls came out wonderful. After 50+ Matza Balls I think I can make them in my sleep now.

We served chicken, roasted lamb, honey glazed carrots, red potatoes, and a to die for flourless chocolate cake.
 My house turned into a banquet hall as we literally had to remove just about every piece of furniture in the living room. 

We had a beautiful Passover with live music.
 Little Man read the four questions in Hebrew. He is doing so good in his Hebrew both in Biblical reading and in conversation Hebrew. Dad was pretty proud of him.
Bug was extremely brave and ate everything on the Seder plate this year along with lots of Matza. I'm glad she likes Matza as she has a long week of unleavened bread to eat lots.

If you celebrate Passover I pray that you had a wonderful time with family and friends.

This week we also celebrated the Resurrection of our Messiah Yeshua(Jesus)at First Fruits.

He is risen and I am thankful for the joy and life that we have in Him.

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