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A+ Interactive Math TOS Crew Review
A+Interactive Math is an online math program that we have been reviewing for the last few weeks in our home. We received a six month subscription for the A+Interactive Math Curriculum: Family Math Package.
A+Interactive Math Curriculum: Family Math Package is a complete math curriculum for grades K-12. They have everything you need for teaching your children math.

Math is not a subject that I get excited teaching. I do get excited when my kids understand math concepts and they light up like they discovered some buried treasure. My kids on the other hand think math is pretty fun for the most part. I have a 9 year old son who is pretty good at math. My 12 year old daughter with special needs has some strong areas and some pretty weak areas when it comes to math. Regardless of my feelings towards math I won’t neglect giving them a solid foundation in math.

This is considered a complete Math curriculum that can be used to teach math in your homeschool or even as a supplemental math afterschool to help review tough areas in math. Or maybe just to keep up what they learned in the school year during summer. This could be a way to practice math in areas that they need a bit more help in also.

This is an online math program that you will need high speed internet to watch the videos. It will operate for either a PC/MAC system. You will also need a speaker, keyboard, and a mouse to utilize the program.

Activation online was a simple process. I received and email with an activation code and basically just followed the provided link where I created a parent and student account in just a few steps. You have the ability to change grades if needed during your subscription.

The first time you sign into your parent and student account you have a video to give you instruction on how to use A+ Interactive Math.

I used 3 rd grade with both of my kids.
The Table of Contents has 15 topics:

Basic Number Sense
Decimal Numbers
Math Operations Using a Calculator
Basic Graphs
Time and Money
Time and Money
Basic Probabilities
Word Problems

Each area breaks down into smaller topics once you hit the + symbol on the left side of the screen.

This is a mufti-sensory program that is adapted to meet any child’s learning style. You have visual videos, listen to the instructions, or you can read the lesson. The lessons are first present by and animated video explaining each topic. You have the ability to go back and forth to review if needed while watching the instructions. This enables you to hit play, pause, or stop anytime during the lesson. The animated instructions do the teaching for you and are around 5 minutes for each topic. A+ Interactive Math provides many examples that illustrate each area step by step.

Once you are done with the instruction down on the bottom right you hit the Interaction Q&A arrow. This is basically a quiz with each topic having 10 questions. You get immediate feedback on each answer. If you answered the question wrong you get a short animated video explaining the problem. If you answer the question correctly you get immediate praise on answering the problem correctly. Each quiz is automatically graded.  After each time you complete a quiz you can print out a certificate.
You can print out worksheets, reference sheets, and the instructions on each lesson also.
You can track each student’s progress and grades also. I wasn’t able to figure out how to print out the progress other than printing the certificate.


*Each lesson is animated and are broken down step by step.
*Immediate praise.
*Immediate feedback on answers.
*Easy to navigate online.
*Printable Worksheets and Exams.
*Reference Sheets.
*Online lesson plans.
*Does the teaching for you.
*There is a solution and answer guide for every problem that you can utilize.
*Multiply choice questions.
*You can turn on or off the volume to read if your student prefers to do so.


*Multiply choice questions.
*Parental involvement is not needed when doing the online lessons. Not that you can’t help. I needed to clarify some problems as I stayed with my kids during the lessons.
*You need to listen to the entire question before you can answer or if you answered incorrectly. It caused distress and frustration with my children.
*The video and text was small. I have a daughter with vision issues and there was no way to make it go to a full screen.

I would also recommend paper and pencil unless your child is extremely good at mental math. For example 382+20=. All the problems that we encountered were vertical. For some it can be difficult figuring out larger sums vertical rather than horizontal. That could just be something that we had issues with in my house.

I had my kids do a few lessons 3-4 times a week. I used this for both of my children. Sometimes I printed out the worksheets and let them do the math that way instead of online. Overall, we spent around 30 minutes to complete a few lessons.

Overall, what did I think?

A+ Interactive Math is very user friendly and easy to navigate around in. This is a complete math curriculum that covers an impressive amount of topics at every grade level. I like that it’s not gamey while teaching math. Not that my kids wouldn’t mind it having some games!

I think this is a great online program that really requires minimal parental supervision. You can also jump in easily enough if you want to be more involved in teaching math.

I don’t know if I would use this as a complete math curriculum myself but, it would be a great supplement. I liked everything I saw except for the tears. My kids just didn’t care much for A+ Interactive Math that much. I was pretty disappointed as I thought it was a great match to meet each of my children’s learning style.

Bug was frustrated with the video and text not being able to expand it to a larger size. I realize with her vision issues this won’t affect many users. She disliked that she had to listen to the entire question until it read them all. Her attention span is short and once she knows the answer and sees it she is ready to click on it. She would forget the answer often before it completed talking. She also had a hard time grasping some of the instructions in certain sections with how it was taught. My daughter has special needs and is in the 6 grade. As far as math concepts I have her in many different levels. On A+ Interactive Math I had Bug in 3 rd grade.
Little Man was surprised he got the wrong answer!

Little Man is my math wizard and loves math overall. He thought it went too slow for his liking. Some explanations confused him and he thought for sure he nailed the answer correctly.

There are also lots of freebies available to see if this is a program that will fit your family learning style. Here are some of A+ Interactive Math Freebies: Free Math Placement Test , Free Family Math Packages, Free Software Download, Free Single Grade Level, and Free ebook.
A+ Interactive Math is getting ready to start a 40% to 50% of sale on the “Family Math Packages” and the “Adaptive Placement Testing with the Lessons” programs starting May 4, 2015 and ends May 18, 2015. Don’t miss this fantastic deal.

This just wasn’t something that my kids enjoyed much. Stop by and see what others on the TOS Crew think about A+ Interactive Math.

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