Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bug's 10 Minutes of Fame

Around 2 weeks ago Bug went on TV to promote the rodeo she is in for the horse therapy center. She was pretty excited to get interviewed. Afterwards friends and family called her to tell her that they seen her on the TV. 
 It was interesting seeing what goes on behind the scene in the news room. Behind us was the weather control center. We were expecting some bad weather that evening and the coming days. They were quite busy. 
 Bug was on the Brett & Sierra Show on KWCH. It's a half and hour show that talks about the happening going on in Wichita. I've never seen or heard of the show until a few days before.
 Bug had to stay still and quite while other guest speakers were filming the show. She did really good.
 This was the introductions before they went live. Which basically was  a commercial break.
 Bug was nervous and I told her prior to not fidget. She wanted to know what to do if her nose itched or if she had to pick it. I just told her," don't". She came up with her own solutions and sat on her hands. I'm glad that she didn't pick her nose!
 A lot of discussions about the therapy center and the amazing results that are seen on a horse. Bug got to share about her favorite horse.
Afterwards they posed for a picture. It was a lot of fun for Bug. Then the whole family gathered around the TV that evening to watch her 10 minutes of fame.

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