Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rock and Mineral Show Field Trip

A few weeks ago we went on a field trip to the Wichita Rock and Mineral Show. Actually, we go every year! You can never have enough of rocks as a kid! I might have to skip next year due to the growing number of rocks in my home.
 It has been awhile since we did the classroom experiment at the show. It was actually full we just needed a special seat for Bug so she could sit down in a chair.
 Little Man doing the scratch test to determine what type of rock or mineral it is.
 Sweet little Bug doing her experiment.
 They didn't even ask each other for help this time around.
 The favorite part of the show is the rock pile in which we come home with tons of rocks. The rock pile is only .50 cents. We dragged home 8 brown lunch bags full to the brim of new rocks! As usual I will have to locate a new plastic container.
 The fluorescent rocks or as the kids call them the glow in the dark rocks.
 Some of them are still glowing a while after the lights came on.

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