Thursday, July 9, 2015

Art ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 9

We haven't done much art this summer around our home. Our main focus the last few weeks has been the kids finishing up their 4-H projects for the fair which began last night. 

For my Bug her entomology cases are a piece of art of God's creation that brings her much joy to look at. (I know I just showed you her boxes in a post yesterday so sorry for those who are seeing them in another post so soon.) We will be extremely busy with the fair for the next few days.
 Her first time doing an education box for 4-H. She was inspired by her Apis mellifera ( honey bees) and the creation of the Langstroth hive history. She was able to get her hands on a queen, drone, and worker bee. Along with some pest from the hive like a small hive beetle, wax moth, and a varroa mite.

My favorite part is the vials of honey, pollen, propolis, and the drawn bees wax.
 She is now in intermediate and this is her first year she can have two cases. She can have up to 300 species in her box. She managed to have 264 species, 20 orders, and 54 families.
She was excited that she could finally add butterflies and moths. They take a lot of space and we kept many out of her boxes in the previous years as the number of species plays a role in how you ribbon if you go to the state fair.

I think our Creator does do art the best and has an amazing imagination. Some of these insects are unique and even pretty.
 My sons artistic creation is the hard work of his rocket that he created. Of course - launching it is the best part.
Stop by and see what other bloggers are creating with art. I think you will be delighted at the ability that God has given others in art.

It's time to get ready to pack lunches and get ready as we have a long day ahead of us today at the county fair.
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  1. The county fair should be exciting after all that preparation.


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