Sunday, July 5, 2015

Home ~ July Blogging Challenge with a Scripture and a Snapshot

This afternoon we all slept in late and have been wandering around this afternoon half asleep after a long night of celebrating the 4th of July with good friends.

I wandered outside to water the garden and to make sure the bees have water in their bowls. I ended up sitting in a lawn chair thinking or maybe complaining a bit about how tired I am feeling.
As I watched the bees work away flying in and out of the hives I was in awe at how they are always working and are diligent in their daily task each and everyday in all seasons. I realized that I wasn't diligent in my task this day. Using the excuse I am tired and I just want to be a bum today and do absolutely nothing. 

I wasn't diligent in waking up this morning like I do every morning to read God's word and to spend time with him alone. To thank Him for my home, my family, and for giving me life. I should praise Him that we all woke up this morning in a nice cool air conditioned home, have plenty of food in our home, and I had a soft mattress to sleep on. I am grateful for all the Lord has given me to make my home special and even comfortable. 

Even in my tired somewhat groggy mind I know that I need to put Him first in my day and He will help me when I feel run down.


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  1. There is so much about our homes to be thankful for, and it is so easy to forget to thank Him!


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