Friday, July 24, 2015

Housekeeping ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 24

Housekeeping~ sigh~ that really went out the door when I started homeschooling, having a child with special needs, and my husband being in the ministry. I use to be one of those people who always had a clean house. Had at one point-now I can barely keep up. My kids are only young once so I try to enjoy them and not stress out to much over it. I keep my house clean and tidy just expect dust bunnies in the corner and dust building up on the furniture. We won't even talk about windows at my house as that is a bad word here.

One thing that I always remember my mom telling me over and over as a child, "keep the floors clean and the rest of the house looks much better." That statement is very true in my case as I have two white dogs and a laminate floor. One dog is a German Shepherd and she is shedding like crazy. I am a vacuum cleaner and broom fanatic and I probably drive the rest of my family crazy as I usually vacuum a few times a day. All that dog hair drives me crazy in the summer time. It seems like if I brush daily it makes it worst so I threw that notion out the window. 

When the weather cools down I can get away with vacuuming every other day. I can't wait for cooler weather. It's been extremely hot with heat advisories. I just realized that I haven't vacuumed today! I guess it can wait till tomorrow.
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