Monday, July 6, 2015

July Blogging Challenge Day 6-10 Things

Today's July Blogging Challenge is about-10 Things About Me-specifically what I like about myself.

1. I make the best sweet tea.
2. I make yummy Challah Bread.
3. I am a pretty easy going person to get along with.
4. I like to get others started in homeschooling and can be very helpful. 
5. I like that I am extremely organized.
6. I like that I am a believer in my Savior Yeshua (Jesus)
7. I am pretty handy fixing things around the house.
8. I'm a good and faithful friend.
9. I love to help in anyway I can when needed.
10. I liked that I married the best man in the world!


  1. Great list. Simple but good. I wish I could do better a fixing things around the house. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. - Lori

  2. Great list! I'm happy to call you friend.


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