Friday, July 24, 2015

Treasure Boxes ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 23

Some how I managed to get out of sync with July Blogging Challenges. Day 23 is about Treasure Boxes.

I don't have a treasure box per say. I have a filing cabinet that I keep my kids special gifts that they create for me and other special items that I cherish.

Now, my kids have one  but at the moment they are packed in a box in the garage. Bug has one of those photo item boxes that has butterflies all over it. Little Man has a stone trinket box that has an eagle on it. He actually has a box also that he  puts other papers and other items that only a 9 year old boy would find interesting.

I like all the treasure boxes that others in the blogging challenge have. I may just have to create something as I love the thought. It's much funner than a filing cabinet. However the filing cabinet is very functional.

Where do you hid your treasures?
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