Monday, August 3, 2015

Our House is Ready to Sell

It's hard to believe that we have got our house ready to sell in a little over two weeks. We have de-cluttered every room in the house. It was pretty bad. Lots of painting and late nights. Actually, I don't think I have stopped working in the last few weeks.
 We have lived here since we moved from Colorado in 2004. It's the only home our son has known. For our daughter it's the only one she remembers.
 It's amazing how much you accumulate throughout the years. I am amazed at how different the house looks.
 We removed my favorite wooden rocking chair that my mom bought me. What a difference one chair makes. Well I guess I had a bit more clutter on the sofa table.
 If only we could have our counters with nothing else on it all the time. It's a big difference in counter space and they actually stand out with the black counter top and green walls

This was one of the first things we did in this house was to replace the cabinets and the flooring.
 I emptied out my china cabinet and only have a few items in it. I think I need to keep them this way when we move.
 Bug's room is poster free. She had wall to wall poster of insects. It looks really different without the rug also.

Little Man has such a small room and had shelves on the wall that really made his room look so small. We took the shelves down and removed lots of toys.

We put up the molding up when we moved in the house. It's my favorite part of his room. I actually dislike the laminate wood flooring. We thought the lighter color would make the room look bigger. 

 Our bedroom was the catch all for all of Bug's entomology boxes and the buckets of honey. The honey is now in the closet. Bug has her entomology boxes in her closet.
 It's so clean. It almost makes me not want to move-almost.
 The bathroom was bare and needed a lot of  help. I found things through out the house to put on the shelves. The shelves us to be in the classroom.
 I even hung pictures and painted the walls.
 Our office was an eye sore before we removed lots of furniture. The desk will go in a garage sale when we sell the house. It's served it's purpose throughout the years. It's a huge desk.
 We had three other filing cabinets in here along with 2 large book shelves.
 Our utility room and pantry. This was wall to wall storage.
 This side looks clean and like a perfect place to work on projects.
 I think the majority of the boxes are books and the classroom. I guess I can add toys also.
 Yikes. On the table is items for a garage sale.
 The classroom is shelf free. I hope it sells really fast because their isn't enough space for sanity between the kids.
 I can see a wall!
I managed to put all the current curriculum for next year on one shelf.

We meet with the realtor tonight. The hardest part is now with keeping it clean. 

Well I take that back as I think the hardest part will be moving three beehives. 

Blessings and I can now sit down and take a nap or two.

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