Friday, August 7, 2015

Our House Sold

Our home sold less than 12 hours on the market. It was the first showing and they offered full price! Wow!

It's a bittersweet happiness. I am a little sentimental. I have raised my kids here and have so many precious memories within our home. I have put a lot of elbow grease into remodeling the home and not to mention my garden!

Now, we are looking for a home. The area that we want to live in isn't a big housing market with it being a small town. The two houses we looked at looked much better online.

One house which was gorgeous and when I walked in I thought, "this is the house"! The home has some major foundation issues that is far beyond our income to fix.

The other home we loved did have a leak in the basement. To what extent we are inquiring more about it. It has some nice features but, also needs some updating. We want to see it they are willing to come down on the cost. We wait and see. 

I think we will most likely be living with my in-laws for a bit while we look for a home. Pray that we find a home quickly and where to live. We really want to be out of Wichita.

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  1. Congrats! The fact you won't have a house to sell when you do make an offer makes your offer more appealing! laura aka: recovering realtor!


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