Friday, August 14, 2015

Where Do We File Kitty

Mercy likes to explore and gets into all kinds of trouble around the house. From Lego tables mishaps to getting into things she shouldn't be into. Much to everyone's amusement.
 Don't let that cute and innocent face fool you. She is conspiring to get into something big.
 I needed to get something out of the file cabinet. Guess who decided to file herself?

 Except how do I file kitty? C for cat, K for kitty, or M for Mercy? Well obviously she doesn't know how to spell because she is right after the Lego instruction guides. She is close to the letter M.
 Lots of fun in a filing cabinet. A dangling key is entertaining for Mercy.
 Okay, just way to cute.
 I thought she was planning on getting out.
 Maybe not.
 I guess I won't be closing the drawer after all.
So adorable. I just want to kiss and hug the daylights out of her! All curled up and cute. She had a nice two hour nap in the filing cabinet.
 Then today she jumped in my crate that I keep the kids finished school work in through out the school year. I think Mercy is trying to tell me that she needs to learn how to spell as that is where she settled in for a nap.
 She's getting sleepy! To much exploring with all the boxes and packing going on.
 Mercy is giving herself a bath and slept for a few seconds as the kids woke her up as they were amazed and couldn't contain themselves with all the cuteness going on.

 She decided that she's not quite ready to learn spelling. It's too much work and she really needed a nap.

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