Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why do you Blog-July Blogging Challenge Day 31

It's hard to believe that I have actually blogged for 31 days straight. This is a first for me. I am thankful for Lynn and Jennifer hosting the July Challenge. I really needed something to motivate me to blog. Lately, it has been hard for me to post over the last several months. I needed some inspiration.

As of date I have posted 973 post. My first blog post was April 15, 2009. Looking back on all my post I can see that it has changed off and on throughout the years. 

At first it was to keep my family up to date about what was going on in our lives. I wrote a lot about having a daughter with special needs and homeschooling her. I was extremely encouraged and amazed at the emails and feedback I got back in the beginning of blogging. A lot of individuals wanted help or information about homeschooling children with special needs. It felt like a type of a ministry at first. Not only did I feel like I was helping others I was being ministered to at the same time. It brought many blessing into my life.

Then I discovered that I could blog for books and get them for free for just writing up what I thought about the book. I still blog for books as most of you know that I love curling up to a good book.

Then my blog changed and I started getting more comfortable writing and expanding my horizons in the blogging world. I shared the many crafts that we did in our homeschool and wrote about many different things.

 I even tried to do affiliates to see if I can make a bit of money to support my homeschooling a bit. For around a year I was able to bring in a couple hundred dollars. The reality was that that type of blogging isn't my cup of tea and it was extremely challenging for me and it was too time consuming to try and build my blog up to keep it up.

I don't consider myself a natural writer. Nor do I consider myself someone who can wow and keep people coming back to my blog with many inspiring words or great post. I do have a handful of faithful followers that I am grateful that you have stuck with me throughout the years.

I have had a few vendors contact me over the years and ask if I would review their products for them. I found that I enjoyed writing about curriculum and how it worked for my family and my situation with my daughter.

I was even thinking about not blogging a year in a half ago and closing my blog down. Then I seen a blog I followed talk about reviewing for the School House Crew Review. Money was a bit tight and I like trying new curriculum and I just didn't have the resources to expand my horizon and try new things. I applied and wasn't even sure if I would be accepted. I was extremely excited when they excepted me. The ladies and one homeschool dad are an amazing group of individuals on the Crew.  I love that they pray for one another, encourage each other, and just are a fun and amazing group of people.

I don't think I write the best blog post on the reviews as I find myself more black and white. While others are very personal and I am amazed at how they bring out the curriculum. That is okay as I have also found that some readers like black and white and just the facts of the curriculum. 

The reality is that some people are just natural writers and I have come to the conclusion that I just enjoy blogging. I just write about what ever tickles my fancy at the time. 

I do think my writing has improved over the years and my grammar has greatly improved for several reasons. While I am teaching my children grammar and writing I am relearning and I turn around and apply what I have learned by writing on my blog.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the many encouraging words. I have shared bits and pieces of myself and my life with on this blog.

My final conclusion with blogging is that it comes down to I just enjoy blogging overall. I enjoy being able to review books that I read. I enjoy trying out new curriculum that I wouldn't of even considered because of the Crew. I have found that it has been a blessing to find things that I have found very helpful in homeschooling my children. 

Most of all I enjoy meeting people from all over that I wouldn't have if it wasn't' for blogging.

Thanks for following me and stopping by my Little Homeschool on the Prairie. 

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