Thursday, November 12, 2015

Field Trip Back in Time

Last week we were invited to celebrate 125 years of an old school in Wichita, Kansas. McCormick opened in 1890. The school is now a museum and covers more than just the 1890 public school time period. When I first heard about the field trip I was reluctant as I feel so behind trying to get organized and unpacked at the new house. We haven't done much in field trips this year and I know my kids needed a change in our routine lately. I am glad I did as my kids really enjoyed the field trip.

I let Little Man take most of the pictures with my camera!
I love old buildings they have such character. Not just outside but, on the inside also.
 This is taken from the website. Isn't the building full of character?
 The kids started out by making quill art. They made it into their name tags. Little Man thought the class was going to be making a feather pen and then writing with one.
 Little Man took this picture. I think it's a telescope.
If only our homeschool was this simple today. I wouldn't be stressing over hanging shelving and trying to make an attempt to organize all the boxes of homeschool material we have.
 Do you notice anything different about the pledge? I already knew this but, it's still interesting to me. The words "under God" weren't in the original pledge of allegiance. It wasn't added until the 1950s. The writer of the pledge of allegiance was actually and atheist.
 I found this interesting.
 I love this old lamp.
 I think I need to install this in my school room!
 An old high school chemistry lab. I forgot which year they said.
They started out class with a Bible reading from the book of Proverbs and then a prayer. Afterwards, they said the pledge of allegiance. The kids then did school 1890 style for an hour. They read out-loud, did math problems, and a few other things.
 Both kids got a kick out of looking and learning about the time period around Wichita through the pictures 3D style. The 3D style had both of my kids confused.
My sweet Bug was all smiles.

The best part is that the kids had a lot of fun. Little Man declared to me, "Mom I had fun but, please never put me in public school!"

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