Monday, November 2, 2015

The Big 13

It's hard to believe that recently my Bug turned 13. We had a small birthday party with family and later this week we will take her bowling with some friends.
She made her own cake. She is into Frozen and wanted her cake to have the Frozen feel to it.
 One thing that I love about my special needs daughter is her innocence. She is no where near a typical teenager who's focus is on clothes, friends, and all the other aspects of her age. 

She is still a small child mentally. At times it's difficult having a 13 year old who can vary in emotions from a 3 year old to a 13 year old. I love her innocence and the way she views the world.
 She loves Legos. Her brother is very kind and has to build the sets for her. Which I don't think he actually minds as he gets to stay up late working on it. Trying to build a set with her around is nearly impossibly and neither him or I would recommend it for sanity's sake.
 Her excitement is contagious
 Looks like a messy gift from her cousins!
She was really excited about her movie. I think she let the world know when it came available on DVD which is right around her birthday. Just a mild hint to those who she informed.

Happy 13th Birthday Bug! I love you very much.

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