Thursday, December 3, 2015

My View

When I look out my dining room window we get to watch the beehives. It's fun watching the girls being busy on a warm day. Those days aren't often the last few weeks.
 Bug can't wait till spring when the girls are constantly busy. I don't even have to go outside to see if they need water. 

I have found watching the beehives very relaxing.
 We have a double lot and the beehives are on one side of the yard. This side I hope to put a deck going out the patio door. Right now we have our table and BBQ grill on this side sitting on the ground. Maybe one day we can watch the hives from the deck.
Then you go through a path on the back of the house to a larger yard. Hopefully soon we will have the playset built. The kids have a lot of running room on the other side We could block off the path if needed to for the kids. 

The yard has lots of bee loving flowing bushes and even a mulberry tree. Hopefully, next spring I can get a garden going.

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