Friday, January 29, 2016

Field Trip with Chance Rides

Last week our homeschool group went on a field trip to Chance Rides. It's located in Wichita. KS. After almost 12 years of living here I never noticed the building even though it towers over all other buildings right off on of the main highway.
We were delighted as a homeschool group to be the first school group to tour the manufacturer. At first my kids weren't too excited about it when I told them about it. That changed quickly after a few minutes. What kid both young and old doesn't enjoy amusement parks.
 We all had to wear safety googles during the tour of the manufacturer. My son thought that was cool.
 Walking past all the ride parts for roller coasters and other larger rides.
My daughter's favorite was the carousal area which they call the, "horse barn". Which was a favorite area of mine too. I was amazed at the details and who would of known how much goes into one of the animals.
 This is what you walk into when you enter the horse barn. Wow, I love all the details that go into this room. I just wanted to grab a paint brush and fill in all the details. How fun would that be.
 This carousal horse sits on top of one of the entrance. It's been there forever according to the tour guide. He's not even sure how or why it got up there. Obviously, its been up there a long time with the dust coating it. The mommy in me wanting to clean it so it would shine like a beacon into the wonders in the area we stepped into.
 Amazing all the work that goes into of the animals from casting the mold, or creating a unique mold for the first time. Painting is done by spraying and the small details by hand.
We head back to another building to see other amusement rides.

If you watched the video then could you imagine having a family night like this at work?
They turned on the neon lights for the kids to see.
The steel roller coasters have always been my favorite.
 Parking lot shuttles that you see at zoos and amusement parks.
 Chance Rides makes a lot of different rides.
 A favorite ride for many generations the steam engines that you see in parks, malls, amusement parks, and other places.
As a person who likes to take pictures these lights caught my eye.

Knowing my family they will probably always look to see if by chance the ride was created by Chance Rides.

You can learn about the history of the company here or maybe you want a mini amusement park in your back yard! You can watch more videos on YouTube by searching for Chance Rides or on their website.

I'm glad they opened their doors to our homeschool group. My kids loved it. My son had lots of questions about he engineering behind it. I might have a budding engineer in the future.

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