Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let Food Be Your Medicine, Dr. Don Colbert Book Review


In Let Food Be Your Medicine, Dr. Don Colbert takes a look at the most common health issues and offers simple dietary changes using a specially modified Mediterranean Diet. With a better understanding of what to eat and what not to eat, readers will know how their nutritional choices affect: - CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE - WEIGHT LOSS - ARTHRITIS - ADHD - TYPE 2 DIABETES - CANCER - AND MORE. Let Food Be Your Medicine includes meal plans, delicious recipes, tips on supplements, and other information to help you find an approach to food that will change your life. You can beat genetics. You can overcome. You can start today.

Most of us think God is not concerned with what we eat, but the Bible actually offers great insight and instruction about the effects of food on our bodies. Dr. Colbert introduces a revolutionary sugar detox method, combined with an anti-inflammatory form of the modified Mediterranean diet that resolves a broad spectrum of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and osteoarthritis. Just imagine – understanding how food alone can produce mental clarity, balanced weight, and longevity. Includes meal plans and recipes.

About the Author

Dr. Don Colbert has been board-certified in Family Practice for over 25 years and practices Anti-aging and Integrative medicine. He is a New York Times best-selling author of books such as The Seven Pillars of Health, What Would Jesus Eat, Deadly Emotions, What You Don’t Know May be Killing You, and many more with over 10 million books sold. He is the Medical Director of the Divine Health Wellness Center where he has treated over 50,000 patients. He is also an internationally known expert and prolific speaker on Integrative Medicine. He and his wife, Mary, now reside in Orlando, Florida.

My Thoughts:

I have been trying to make healthier choices in my life for the last few years. Food is one of those changes. Food seems to be the hardest change in an American diet and a busy schedule. For the most part we know that diet changes can prevent diseases. I was intrigued by Dr. Don Colbert’s book and the contents of it.

He uses the principals of the Mediterranean diet with some modifications to help with health issues discussed in the book. He explains how certain foods react to our body.

Food suggestions are made for all meals so you can get a feel of what a typical meal would look like. He talks about how certain foods are a source of inflammation and other health issues. 

The book is broken down in two sections.

Section One: Searching for Answers
    Down but Not Out
Let Food Be Your Medicine
Anti-Inflammation Living
The Best Diet for Health and Prevention of Disease
Losing Weight for Good

Section Two: Applying the Answers

Beat Cardiovascular Diseases with the Modified Mediterranean Diet
    Beat Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease
    Beat Type 2 Diabetes with the Modified Mediterranean Diet
    Fighting Cancer (Stages 1-2 and 3-4)
    Beat Dementia and Alzheimer’s with the Modified Mediterranean Diet
    Beat ADHD and Autism with the Modified Mediterranean Diet
    Beat Mental Illness with the Modified Mediterranean Diet
Next Steps

Overall, this was an intriguing book that I am looking forward to applying to my life.

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This book has been provided to me my by Worthy Publishing free of charge and in no way was I asked to give a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. 123

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