Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Week in Review

After moving and other life interruptions its refreshing being back in a schedule again. This week in school has been productive. I love the feeling of getting something accomplished.
Little Man has been doing Calligraphy twice a week. I am hoping it will improve the neatness of his handwriting. Calligraphy makes him slow down when he writes. He likes to write real fast to get things done. I know most 10 year old's dislike handwriting. Calligraphy is a fun way to work on handwriting without him thinking he is working on it. He does well with calligraphy and the best thing is that he enjoys it. He likes me to write with him. It"s always a fun time when we do calligraphy together.
Bug's handwriting is beautiful. I never thought I would say that. Despite her hands hurting her with writing she has came a long way. Granted there are days she sheds tears with it. Usually, its a sign that she is hurting a lot with her arthritis.
My son likes to read his books. Lately, he only wants to read in school. Too many adventures to create outside of school time. He has been reading the Swamp Robbers series here lately. He likes to tell me about the plot and characters.

I think one day he will go back to reading after school again without me telling him to go read.
My sweet Bug loves her Pathway readers. She has to read three days a week in her scheduled book. Another skill I thought I might not see was her reading. She is reading around 2nd and 3rd grade level. She is 13 and I am so glad to see my sweet girl reading. She even likes to take her book to bed and read a bit before she goes to sleep.The other two days are any book of her choice. Now, she is reading about how to care for a rabbit. I am not planning on getting a rabbit. She is determined to learn all she can so we can reconsider getting a rabbit.
We love  Veritas Press. I first learned about Veritas Press in 2014 when I did a review for them with the TOS Crew. We enjoyed the program so much that I snatched up the next level when it went on sale. I also have already bought next year when it went on sale at the end of last year. We are all set for next year.
We love the history and the Biblical history being taught together. Little Man has to really think some of the problems through. I love it when he is challenged.
Lots of games to make learning secular and Biblical history together. The games are his favorite as you can imagine.
I am trying to get Bug to work on saving money and setting a budget. That's easier said then done. She wants to spend as soon as she gets it.

We have been using some new products from the 2016 TOS Crew Reviews. So far I am excited about everything we are using.
We are reviewing Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition with the the TOS Crew. I did the first edition with Bug back in 2014. You can see my review here. I'm excited to start reviewing this with Little Man this time around. I like what I am seeing in the 2nd Edition. I can't wait to tell you about it!
Little Man is working on a writing curriculum Here to Help Learning.  I look forward to sharing it with you. Writing always brings tears in my family. I just can't get my kids pass that. All I can do is keep trying. It's a fun writing program that I think is very promising.
Another surprise was the Faith Builders Bible. What 10 year old boy doesn't like Lego's. He is having fun with this bible. I will have a review coming up soon on it.

Mercy is growing up and has grown out of her box. It's one of the many places she likes to sleep in the day. She loves basting in the sun by the patio door in our school room.

I think she might be a pretty smart kitty as she likes to be with us in the classroom while the kids are learning. When she is not taking a nap she likes to listen to the discussions. 

Despite the fact that at times she can be a big distraction. We enjoy the chaos a cat can bring at times. Mercy makes us laugh and nothing better than laughter. There has been a few times I had locked her in a room as the chaos was extreme. School wasn't going well because of Mercy. Not that the kids minded but, mom was fed up with her.

She has a thing with shredding paperwork. I could actually believe it if someone said the dog ate my homework as we have a cat that shreds school work. I have to make sure we clean up at the end of our school day. If not I get a surprise in the morning. No wonder she is so sleepy as it's a lot of work shredding papers. Sometimes school work while its being worked on is in danger of Mercy. Shredded would of been a good name for her.

I hope you have a blessed week!

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