Friday, February 26, 2016

Our Week In Review

We are finally getting closer to finishing up the bathroom.
 We are planning on the end of next week it being completed.
 A full week of school got accomplished.
 Bug has been doing Teaching Textbooks this year for math.
 Challah bread for Shabbat. I have been making challah bread for our congregation the last few months. My recipe makes four loaves. Every week we have a loaf for home also.
 Watch for my review next week on the Faith Builders Bible. My first TOS Crew review of the year.
 Sand Art fun.
 4-H the kids are doing foods, the first class was going over basic safety in the kitchen.
 Washing your hands and not spreading germs.
 Knife safety and healthy foods.
 Washing fruits correctly.
 Star Fruit.
 I don't think Little Man liked the Star Fruit.
 I am surprised Bug is eating it.
 I think Mercy sure does take up a lot of pixels. It was just to cute.
 Not a good picture of the other side.
 Rascal likes to stick his face in the corner of the couch when he sleeps. I guess his nose gets cold.
 4-H photography workshop. The kids had to tell a story with a picture. Bugs picture of course.
 I have not idea what this story tells.
 Little man, not something that would of caught my attention. Interesting picture.
 This tells a story with the flag being at half mast.
My sweet boy and the animals sleeping with him.

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