Thursday, March 10, 2016

Exploring the Great Outdoors for the First Time

 Mercy got her first chance to explore the great outdoors. As expected she loved it. She preferred the comfort of hiding in the bushes and leaves at first.

I thought this was a gorgeous picture with the leaves.  Mercy looked like camouflage. She just blended in so beautifully. 
 Her buddy Rascal was thrilled that Mercy made it out side to play with him. Except, Mercy wasn't too interested in playing with her friend.
 Smelling the nice fresh air on a very windy Kansas day. The leaves blowing around intrigued her for a long time.
 She found something interesting beneath the pile of leaves. Lots of lady bugs in our yard. Maybe it was just the smell of the dirt.
 Don't know if it tasted good but, she made quite a face afterwards.
She finally left the comfort of the bushes and leaves to explore the yard. Bug introduced her to a few flowers. It thrilled Bug more than it did Mercy.
 Okay, freedom comes at a price for Mercy. Little Man wanted to take her outside but, was afraid she would run away. So we put her on a leash.

 It was extremely windy. I think she was getting a whole mixture of different smells going on. Her face expressions was constantly changing. It was fun to watch her expressions.

I prefer to have an inside kitty. I doubt that this exploring adventures will happen too often.
 Rascal could no longer contain himself and had to pounce on her. All he wanted was to play with Mercy like she does in the great indoors.
 Except Mercy wanted nothing to do with it. Rascal walked away heartbroken. Mercy made up to him later and played with him.
 Time to go back inside. She decided to protest and hid in the iris when I walked her to the backdoor. She actually walked really good on a leash.
 Look at that poor face. She was having so much fun exploring outside for the first time.
 I think she was exhausted from her exploring the great outdoors. She fell asleep after awhile when she was looking out the window.
Then the birds woke her .

That's the adventures of Mercy and the great outdoors. I have a feeling that she's gonna beg to go outside now.

A side note Rascal got out of our yard for the first time ever and had an adventure also. We had someone leave the back gate open. Luckily, he found some barking dogs a block over and we located him easily. We figured he had a taste of freedom for around 40 minutes.


  1. She's adorable! Great outdoor pictures with her.

  2. Wow Mercy has gotten big! Meanwhile Skittles at 7 months is a whopping 4lbs. 63 ounces. And she has grown since I got her.


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