Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Purim Carnival

Saturday we had a Purim Carnival at our congregation. It was a lot of fun. The games where amazing. They put so much creativity into each one.
 Little Man enjoyed wheeling himself around and having his own driver's license. They followed a path around the building.
 The Palace Treasury had the toys that the kids could choose from at the end of the carnival.
As you can imagine this was a hit with the boys.
 I just loved how elegant and all the small details.
 Of course we have to have a cake walk.
 A marble game.
 Archery and Nerf guns
 The kids had to answer questions about Purim and then when they opened the door. They had to figure out which key worked first then they had different compartments to grab some small surprises.
 Sand Art
 Snake Toss
 This was truly amazing for the kids.
 They got a glow stick to go into the warehouse which was full of strobe lights and a lighted path.
 At the end of the ride you got to pick out a pin wheel and do a party popper.
 It was very pretty with all the lights off.
 The decorated cart the kids rode in.

 Little Man doing archery with a friend.
 Bug at the Duck pond. The rest of the table had gold mining and funnels. I even missed taking pictures of a few of the games and crafts.
It was a long day. Even the adorable Jacob's sheep was worn out from all the attentions she received.

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