Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Passover Preperations in Full Swing.

We have been cleaning up the house all week. The whole family gets involved in cleaning up the house. The kids willing clean up with me without any trouble. Their bedrooms are actually clean!

All of our food with leaven in it is sitting on our counter to be eaten before Passover arrives this Friday night.

We have a tradition in our house the week of Passover to order a pizza. 

We also read some of our favorite books during Passover week.
Here is the list of our favorites:

1. Passover Next Door by David and Betty Weinberger
Come join Claire and Cara as they pay a visit next door and discover Passover! Feel the anticipation of the pre-Pesach preparation, the joy of the celebration, and the greatness of God's redemption celebrated in the Seder. Learn how the story of Passover points toward the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). 

2. Miriam's Cup A Passover Story by Fran Manushkin
 It is she who watches over Moses in the bulrushes, and it is she who tells the Egyptian princess who finds him that Jocheved, Moses's mother, should be his nursemaid. Years later, when the Israelites are wandering in the desert, Miriam leads the women in dance, and it is in her honor that God creates a well of spring water. This story is told as a modern-day family gathers to celebrate Passover.

3. Private Joel and the Sewell Mountain Seder by Bryna J. Fireside
 With permission from their commander and matzah brought in on a train from Cincinnati, Jewish members of a Civil War regiment improvise a seder to remember. The participation of three former slaves, now members of their company, lends a special meaning to this celebration of freedom.

4. The Yankee at the Seder by Elka Weber
 The war is over, and everyone is saying the South lost. Ten-year-old Jacob would give anything to show those Yankees that not all Confederates are ready to surrender.He gets his chance when he sees a real, live Yankee soldier walking down his street, on leave for Passover. But before Jacob can think of a way to be brave, the Yankee asks him for a piece of his matzoh. This true story about a Jewish Yankee soldier joining a Southern family’s Passover meal shows how common values can overcome even the most divisive differences. Gathered around the seder table, the group discusses what it means to be free--a subject as relevant today as it was during the War between the States and during the Exodus.

5. Exodus by Brian Wildsmith
 The illustrations are gorgous. Moses's saga from his rescue in the bulrushes by Pharaoh's daughter to his death on Mt. Nebo overlooking the Promised Land.

6. The Elijah Door A Passover Tale by Linda Leopold Strauss
For years the Galinskys and Lippas have shared Seder, the special Passover dinner. But no more! Mama Lippa shuts her windows tight against the Galinsky voices. Papa Galinsky cuts a new side door to avoid seeing the Lippas. But David Lippa and Rachel Galinsky love each other, and fortunately, they have a trick up their sleeves.

The best part is remembering what our Savior Yeshua/Jesus has done for us.

passover photo: Yahshua Our Passover Lamb YahshuaOurPassoverLamb.jpg
Jesus the Messiah!

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