Friday, April 15, 2016

Week in Review-2016

This has been a fun filled busy week. The Homeschool Convention was last Friday and Saturday. I love going to the convention and seeing people I haven't seen for awhile. Of course, looking at all the homeschool products is always so much fun.

This year I felt extra blessed being able to review on The Old Schoolhouse Crew. It has helped my homeschool budget tremendously. They have had some amazing vendors so far this year. It gets even better and we aren't even half way throught the Crew run. I think after three years I finally figured out how to  make the review items be a part of our homeschool even after the reviews. Sounds crazy but, not as easy as it may seem when you have several reviews going at once and more on the way. It just took awhile for me to get into the flow of the reviews. My kids get excited also with reviews and know what to expect. They get to learn topics that I wouldn't of ventured into with such depth.
 It was actually busy this year with a great line up of speakers. I did some workshops on Friday. I was planning on doing some on Saturday it just didn't happen.
 I  love Rainbow Resource. It's the first vendor I visit every year. They get so crowded that I like to get in there when I walk into the door. I always venture back there a few times to pick up things.
I was able to introduce myself to one of our vendors we worked with on the TOS Crew, Here to Help Learning. Little Man was the one who used her writing program. Wow, I have bags under my eyes!

 Little Man went with me on Friday to help with some of his curriculum. It was fun being with him. Bug stayed with Grandma. She would of been a handful with all the noisy and the rows of books and toys. She would of been throwing temper tantrums and wanted everything!
We went on a nature walk at one of our favorite places. We go there often. The weather was nice enough to actually stroll through the park.
I love the flowing trees this time of the year. Little Man was taking the pictures at the park.
Bug begged him to take this picture. He got a nice shot of the goose I think. It was a windy day and you can see the water rippling with the winds.
Little Man likes to put lines of some sort into his pictures. I never realized that this fence has the curved boards prior.
We did spring maintance on the beehives this week and reversed the brood boxes. The middle hive had quite a few queen cells. We should of made a split but, I didn't have all my equipment with me. I ended up adding an extra super to see if that may tempt them to stay. I doubt it but, I will check after the rain passes this coming week. Hopefully I can prevent them from swarming and get there before they take flight. They like to take off after a few days of rainy weather I read in a few books.
We are making homemade paper for an upcoming review with ARTistic Pursuit.
We put flowers in this one to give it a different affect.
Little Man's expression says it all. He thought it felt pretty disguising. Bug thought it was a lot of fun.
Sitting in the mold waiting for us to do the next step.
Yes, we have been making a lot of paper. This is around 2 weeks worth of paper making.
I thought the colors looked pretty.
I had to put Mercy into here. She was relaxing and enjoying the birds outside the window.
Zeezok Music Appreciation Book 1 Collection. Little Man has really enjoyed learning and listening to music for Paganini. He has even enjoyed the lapbook. He has frowned with lapbooks the last two years. I haven't' done one for awhile due to lack of interest.  This is an upcoming review that Little Man wants me to do the rest of the musicians after the review period. I may spread them out over two years so he will continue to enjoy lapbooking.
Bug is taking a quiz for language arts. She is thinking real hard!
Little Man is reviewing his times tables by writing them down on paper when I quiz him. He is actually checking his work.
IEW Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. This is another upcoming review that my kids really have enjoyed and we plan on continuing after the review period. Little Man is dramatizing the poem and adding in a lot of emotion. He is a silly kid that likes to make you smile.

We had another good productive week in school along with a few laughs. We are trying to finish up a few things so we can do just a few things in the summer. Most likely it will consist of reviews and basics. Have a blessed week.

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