Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Diary Farm Field Trip

A few weeks ago we visited a diary farm with our 4-H Club. It's owned by one of the 4-H members. I think we are the only family in our new 4-H Club that doesn't show cattle, sheep, or any kind of animal. They are a small but, fun group. It's fun living in a small town surrounded by farm land.
 The girls are getting milked.
 All the details of running a diary farm. Not to mention all the dedication and hours you put in.
 One of the kids took a picture of the feet.
 A baby calf was just born a few hours before we arrived. They haven't even looked to determine if it's a boy or girl yet.
 We wanted to know what it was. So they looked and found out that it's a boy.
 They take the calf away from the mother immediately after she cleans of her calf. It made us sad knowing that. He was crying real loud. Poor thing must of been scared.
 He  was trying to stand up for the first time. He kept slipping as the floor was too slippery to get his feet adjusted.
 He decided to just lay still and watch us instead.
 Then we had barn yard Olympics. It was raining hard outside so it ended up being held inside.

 Bug wasn't sure about the tractor races.
 Little Man found out that tires are pretty heavy.
 The kids did their yearly presentation. Little Man talked about the crossbow and safety.
 Wow, he did an amazing job. He has been working on public speaking. He was so clear and kept making good eye contact. He got a lot of compliments. It was a drastic difference from his presentation last year as he went at the speed of light. I'm so proud of him.
 Bug had one of the girls help her. Since it was a new group. She wanted to share about beekeeping again. She did good but, was extremely nervous.

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