Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mercy's New Best Friend

Our cat has found a new best friend. Little Man lost his toy to Mercy. He found it at a thrift store in town. He ended up going back and buying a few of them just in-case he needs to replace Mercy's Mr. Fuzzy.

She meows like crazy whenever he would play with Mr. Fuzzy. The cat sleeps with it, plays with it, guards it, and hides it from the family.

 Mr. Fuzzy was a popular toy when I was a kid. It's been around for a long time.
 She is talking to Mr. Fuzzy.
 I often wonder what she is saying to Mr. Fuzzy.
 I have even seen her cleaning Mr. Fuzzy. Maybe its love! 
You have to admit that it's kind of cute.
Mr. Fuzzy and Mercy have had a long day and are tired from playing.
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  1. Oh that last shot is so cute! skittles can now play with stuffed animals and likes Blessings white tiger. She licks it, plays with it, etc...


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