Monday, May 9, 2016

Our Updated Bathroom

It's been a few weeks since our bathroom has been done. It was a total remodel. We gutted the whole bathroom. We had to even replace the wood under the sub-floor as it was rotted out.
 The bathroom was horrid. Every thing in it was old and outdated. It was just plain disgusting.
 Now it's bright, warm, and I love the colors in the bathroom.
 I love the chair railing. The picture was just fun and bright and colorful.
 I love my rustic shelving. I actually bought them for another room. They just didn't fit the room decor or the size of the room.
 The color is a rustic brown with the weathered wood showing through. The cedar still smells like it has just been cut.
I love the vanity and the top. Most of all I'm grateful that it is finished. 

The joy of moving into a new home. Now we are working on the outside and digging up brushes, trees, and laying sod. We have also been hauling a lot of dirt around. My back is feeling the love. 

Have a blessed day. 

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