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Sunya Publishing a TOS Crew Review
Recently, my family received a math and science card game from Sunya Publishing and their game- Sunya-The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing. Sunya Publishing is a brand new company.
Sunya- The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing is for ages 9+ and anywhere to 1-5 players.
Sunya is pronounced with the “u” letter sounding it out as “oo”. It took my kids a bit of work saying the name. Sunya is a word from the ancient and classical language-Sanskrit from India. Sunya means empty or void of any quantity. You will announce to other players when you say “Sunya” letting them know that you are out of cards and you win the game.  
What I received:
My family received a physical copy of Sunya-The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing. I received a comb bound book which contains all the instructions for playing the game. The book provides you with instructions for playing with younger kids, teams, and more advanced game playing. The book is mostly printed in grey-scale  color. There are a few colored pages throughout the book. I preferred the colored pages as it seems to do a better job enhancing the examples and the different points and ways to play the game. It was much more pleasing to the eyes and seemed to break it up. The manual has 25 pages.

A Number Line for Multiplying and Dividing that is printed on a nice thick quality glossy paper kind of like playing card material. This is nice and sturdy as you don’t have to worry about it getting ripped or bend up easily. I think I will eventually laminate it-just in case. 

Two sets of playing cards one has 60 playing cards that has a number on it along with dots to represent the numerical value. The other card set is 30 cards that has math and science fact riddle cards. All the cards are the standard thickness of most game playing cards.
How do you play?
I will try and explain the game the best as I can as I had some trouble understanding the concept of playing-so bear with me. Have you ever explained something with so much detail that you realize you have made it more confusing? This is where I was as the manual is extremely detailed that it felt overwhelming to me. My husband is very good with math and enjoys card games and games that deal with numbers. He also likes those detailed and lengthy strategy games. My beloved also found it a bit confusing also.
That is not a bad thing. Remember, I told you that Sunya Publishing is a brand new company. It is not available to purchase yet but, you can contact them if you have any questions. So hopefully, all the feedback will help them out when it is available to buy.
After I read the instructions over several times I realized that I was probably over thinking how to play the game. I had to ask other Crew members to help me understand it. It helped and I was able to introduce the game to my children. I knew at this point that I just needed to try to play the game and see if it made sense to me.
You begin by laying out a number sentence, and then you deal each player 4 cards. The next player will also lay out a number sentence and will try to change the number sentence. You are able to draw one card at a time until you have a valid number sentence. This will continue until each player is out of cards and the first player to run out of cards says, “Sunya” is the winner. The winner then proceeds to draw math and science fact riddle cards and ask the other players a question from the card. 0 & 1 cannot be in the math factor but, can be a math product. Wild Cards can be any number in any part of the math sentence. As for the Number Line I assume it's an aid to help but, I'm not sure
Sunya Publishing also has another game Sunya-The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding and Subtracting. Both games have the same format of playing but, work on learning different facts and also have a differences in playing variation.

How did I use this in my homeschool?

I played with my 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter. We played the game using the instructions above. The game went quickly overall without too much confusion. My kids loved the math and science fact riddle cards. They kept expecting more from the game as I did. We only played this one version as I could not figure out the other playing options.
I just felt like I was missing much more than what the game has to offer. I mean with a instruction book filled with that much information I know that I am missing the point somewhere. Trust me I love games about learning math facts and then add a bit of science to the mix. It’s usually a big hit in my homeschool.

Overall, I think there is hope for Sunya Publishing. What do I think would make it better? Make the instruction book fully colored it just makes the points pop out. Maybe, add actual layouts of the cards in play for a visual look at the game in action. While playing the game with my kids I had the instruction book next to me and seeing the different highlighted boxes was helpful but, I needed more visual points I quess. I am not sure if you can simplify the instructions in the manual as I’m not sure how to get the most out of the game.

I actually got online to see if there were any videos on the instructions out on the web. I would love to see either a DVD or a streaming video on the website of how to play the many variations of the game.

I see a lot of potential for Sunya Publishing and the games. I would love to be able to fully grasp the game and play it with my kids. I really wish and want to be more positive but, I just don’t quite understand it.

Don’t forget to see what others from the Crew have to say.


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