Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Identifying Insects

It's that time of the year again when we plug in the digital microscope to identify those small insects or just need to see more details to help with identifying them. Oh my, some of those insects are extremely small.
 This is the largest one and we can see the details with our eye we just can't find it in any of our insects field guides. We have lots of books on insects. We are pretty sure it's some type of a leaf beetle. We will submit it online if one of the entomologist at the fairs can't tell us.

 Something in the scarab family possibly and it's a pretty small insect
 Another extremely small one that may be a leaf beetle?
 I didn't know that it had lines in it's body until we put it under a microscope.
 We now know this tiny insect is a fly instead of a wasp. Its a small fly which we know by the eyes and wings as it only has 2 wings.
 This was an extremely tiny insect. My daughter likes to collect them all!
 Aaargg another small one
 We already figured this one was a fly prior,we just needed to see the details as it's a small insect.
It's in the Hemiptera or a true bug order. We would of never known without a microscope. Which one?
 Mmmm, extremely small I almost think it's immature insect but, honestly I don't know.
 Bug caught a mating pair of wasp or flower fly? It's also a smaller one that measures around 1cm but, we needed to see more details to help identify them.
All I know is that we have an amazingly creative G-d.

 I have to admit that there are times when my daughter's obsession with insects makes me crazy. Usually it hits around the 4-H county fair and I have been looking at insects up and personal for the last month. These insects will be added into next year's box if we can identify them.

Have a blessed week.

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