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The Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 a TOS Crew Review
I have to admit that I’m pretty picky when it comes to homeschool planners. Recently, I received a physical copy of The Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from The Old Schoolhouse

The Hey Mama! Digital Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 is also available in a Digital format.
Wow, this was a gorgeous planner. It has a warm look to it with its rustic background on the cover and inside the planner. The pages are warm with brown, beige, and white pages. 

This is a spiral bound planner with 196 pages in a 9x11 page format. The planner lays out nice and flat. 
The planner layout:

The first couple of pages give you a full overview with the 2016, 2017, and 2018 calendar each on their own page.

The calendar begins in July 2016 and goes to July 2017. Each month starts out a whole page of lined notes. Each monthly calendar covers two pages. The space is a decent size to write in. What is kind of fun is that each month starts out with a “Hey Mama” page that is full of encouragement.

After, the monthly calendar they have 36 weekly calendars also on a two page layout with 8 squares down and 6 across. Throughout the weekly calendar you have more “Hey Mama” inspiration along with some fun information on items used in the past. 

You have a section for Monthly Goals, Semester Goals, and Yearly Goals that has several pages of each. Each of the Goals has the following categories to set up goals for: Educational, Spiritual, Physical, Personal Talents, Life Skills, Financial, and Relational goals.

There are 5 pages of attendance charts with 180 days to check off and to put the child’s name up top.

Books read this year with a place to put the child’s name, grade, and the title of the book, author, and a completion date.

There are also several pages for curriculum planning with a place for each child along with the year. It includes a place for the subject, curriculum, vendor, grade level, price, and contact. Each page has 6 of these.

Next, is a one page Homeschool Contact List to record name, address, phone, and an email address for you to have at your finger tips.

There is still more! A two page layout of 36 general writing prompts and story starters, the thirteen colonies by date, timeline of inventions, U.S. presidents and their wives, branches of federal, state, and local governments, United States and capitals, creating an academic transcript information, a academic transcript page, checklist and skills learned page, and lastly a place to record other courses.

How am I using Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017?

I have to admit that I haven’t even begun planning for next school year. I don’t even think about it until after the kids are done with their yearly 4-H projects. Both of my kids are doing several projects and we are racing to get everything done by the first week in July. It's just a busy time of the year finishing up school and the projects.

I have looked over the planner several times thinking about how I plan on using it next year. One way is to put review items in the planner. Not only can it be used for the kids planning but, for my busy schedule.

I have recorded some of the books that I purchased already this year. I want the kids to see what reading they have for the year in one place.

After the fair I will sit down and think about the goals of each of the kids. One of them is to not be rushing to get fair projects done in the last two months! I would like the kids to start thinking about financial budgeting goals. They are both so quick to want to spend their allowance money. Actually, I like all the goal setting topics in the planner for the kids. I will have them involved in planning their goals but, I will have thought about it before I work with them.

Then over the next month I will plan out our year. 

I'm going to write out a general schedule for each child for the first month and see how it works before I go to the other months. Little Man's school is getting to be more now that he will be in the 5th grade. Bug is going to be 7th grade but, due to her learning disabilities she is operating on a 2nd - 4th grade level. 

My Thoughts:

Wow, this is a gem for a busy homeschool mom. I like the goal setting sections. I usually type them up and by the end of the year I don’t recall where I put my hard copy. This is a nice planner that has everything you need. The only thing that I would of liked is on the attendance page more space to write the date in the box rather than checking it off.

I have never fully utilized planners 100% as many of them just don’t fit my style. This planner is laid out nicely and better yet it doesn’t have the things that I wouldn’t use like meal planning and such. I can see myself fully utilizing this planner as it’s very practical for me. It has ample space throughout. I write rather large and this has the room for my huge handwriting. I look forward to getting organized next school year with my new planner. 

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Right now you can purchase this planner for $19.00, which will also include your shipping cost. You will need coupon code: CREWCODE and this code is valid through July 15, 2016.


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