Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kick Off to the 2016 4-H County Fair

It's that time again last night was the start of the county fair. The kids get to show off all their hard work with the 4-H projects they have done.
Bug did foods for the first time this year. She made Challah Bread and wowed her judge with the taste of it.
She always gets excited when she gets a purple ribbon. She can make the bread and go to the State Fair with her bread.
Last year we took a break from Arts and Crafts. Little Man decided to submit his tree craft this year and he did an amazing job explaining all the work he put into this craft and received a purple ribbon also his effort.
Look we are actually sitting down and watching the parade off of main street this year. It was a miserable hot and humid day.
Love the face of surprise that I snapped a picture of him. He is always so facial.
Sweet Bug was getting hot and red face getting ready to watch the parade.
Usually, we are walking in the parade with these folks- our old 4-H group from Wichita! They just waved at us and threw lots of candy.
We enjoy living in the small town that host the county fair. No more finding parking with the crowded fair grounds. We can walk there

The kids and I have been volunteering for more things this year.

Lots of political candidates along the parade route.
I love the Clydesdale Horses.

MMMM, not sure who he represents in the parade but, the horse is pretty.
Another political candidate in a fancy car. Little Man wants it of course.
All the old tractors coming down Main Street. John Deere it looks like.

Okay, this is a Ford tractor.
Love the old rusty tractor.

The joys of living in a small town surrounded by farm land.
The kids filled up a whole grocery sack of candy and lots of campaign brouchures. The parade is much longer sitting on the side lines watching it go by.

Today we hit the road running. The kids are volunteering for photography and get judged on their photos. Little Man gets to meet with the judge for Rocketry. 

Friday Bug is volunteering to help out with Entomology judging and gets her box judged.

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  1. That *is* a cool car. I don't blame Little Man for wanting it at all. Had heat advisory warnings here too...again. Got a touch of heat exhaustion (again) at Tuesday's meet.

    Congrats on their first place ribbons. For swimming purple is the color for 8th place, blue is for 1st place.


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