Thursday, August 25, 2016

Can Do Cubes a TOS Crew Review

We have had fun the last few weeks using another product from (just2ducks LLC) with their Can Do Cubes
I received a physical set of the Can Do Cubes. They have been a big hit in my home.

What comes in the kit: 

Can Do Cubes:

The hardwood blocks are laser-engraved. They come in a sturdy cardboard holder for the student for Stage 1 which has 27 blocks and Stage 2 has 30 blocks. Both of them fit into one box afterwards for easy storage.

The blocks are 1” X 1”. The font is easy to distinguish the letters for young learners. Each side has a letter on them except for a few blank faces. Each block has a tiny number mark on that corresponds with the tray to help locate them and to put them back in the correct order.

An interactive DVD: 

This has the instructions for using the synthetic phonics for Stage 1 and Stage 2. A pronunciation guide, and word charts. A lot of helpful information is on the DVD. There is a presentation of the Can Do Cubes in action and so much more.

CD-Teacher’s Guide and Template Book: 

This has a complete workbook for 1-4 section. This is going to give you information on teaching. There are phonic worksheets to use during the lessons.

At-a-Glance Word Charts for Stage One Can Do Cubes:

A cumulative word chart that shows the words that can be done with the cubes. One chart is for 1-5 and separate chart for 6-8.
Synthetic Phonics Overview Chart:

This has all the phonemes and the sounds they make, and some teaching hints on the chart.

Handbook for Stage 1 and Stage 2:

My books were missing in action but, customer service was wonderful. I haven’t seen them yet but, they are on the way. They are spiral bound mini books.

Online templates and worksheet for printing in a PDF format.

What are the stages?

Stage 1: The Simple Alphabetic Code: 

Like I mentioned earlier Stage 1 has 27 wood blocks. The letters represent the 44 sounds of speech that make up our English language. They are taught in a certain order to help with the building words thus, maximizes reading skills.

Stage Two: The Complex Alphabetic Code:

Stage 2 has 30 blocks. This is more complex phonemes and the many variations of the sounds. An example is the ai,ee,or,ch, ear, double consonants, and several other variations. 

There is a linked cube which is secured on a string to show the split digraphs. The blocks move and turn so you can add other blocks to make words. A set of 5 cubes for capital letters, 1 block that shows all the lower and upper class letters, and punctuation.

What is unique about the Can Do Cubes is that they can be used alone with all the material provided, Jolly Phonics, or you can adapt them into any curriculum. 

How Did I use Can Do Cubes in my homeschool?

I used this set with my 13 year old daughter who has some severe learning disabilities. She always needs me to go back over and review her phonemes. She really thrives on multi-sensory tactile teaching tools. I knew that this would be a good fit for her.

The first week I downloaded the online information and read through the information.

We reviewed the basic sounds using the blocks throughout. I also used this with the Jolly Phonics during the review period. Since my daughter isn’t typical due to her age and her varying all over with her skills I tended to jump around with her. Since, I know what she struggles with the most.

We worked on blending, digraphs, ending sounds, and a few other skills. I let her use the blocks for spelling as writing can be difficult for her at times with her arthritis. She had a lot of fun and begged me to use the blocks. I even caught her using the Can Do Cubes by herself and telling the cat about the sounds! I don’t think the cat is going to learn how to sound out the sounds anytime soon.

There are several additional activities that I found in the information provided. She liked being able to make words and sentences. She occasionally had fun using them to build non-school related projects!

The Can Do Cubes are amazing. I love the quality of the hardwood blocks.

It just makes learning phonics and literacy so hands on. I am very pleased with everything. My daughter enjoyed learning with the Can Do Cubes.


Other members from the TOS Crew have been using the Can Do Cubes so stop by their blogs and see what they have to say.

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