Thursday, August 4, 2016

Little Man's Pictures

Someone blessed Little Man with a tripod for our camera. A few weeks ago we took it out to a friends garden for him to play around with while I visited. 
 I love this picture of him taking a picture of his reflection. He surprises me with the pictures he takes and how he sees things through the lenses of a camera.
 He was intrigued with all the bird houses in the small backyard. Her garden is stunning and there is something to look at in every nook and cranny.
 This was his favorite bird house in the white.
 See what I mean that there is something everywhere from bird houses, wind chimes, garden decor, and hanging plants. Not to mention all the flowers.
 He was a bit disappointed with this picture.
 He was trying to get just the red humming bird feeder. He wasn't so thrilled with the tripod. He understands that there is a time and place for a tripod and this was probably not a good place. He just wanted to test drive his new toy. He had a hard time adjusting the angles  and getting certain objects in focus. I was glad that he was determined to learn how to work with it for when he needs it.
 He likes to put objects at an angle. I tend to put them straight on. That is probably why he takes better pictures than me.
 He was trying to get the shadow of the wind chimes.
 Another pretty garden decor.
 I really want one of these in my garden. The light reflecting off the wine bottles was so pretty with all the different colors. He said, "he was having a hard time adjusting the light and the reflection of the bottles".
 Then he went with a silly picture of his sister making faces at him. She was getting bored and wanted his attention.
 So much fun with looking at garden decor everywhere. This is a fun rain gage.
 I think I want her garden in my backyard.
 I thought this was a fun one. He was trying to focus the water in the bird bath and not the flowers. All on a tripod.
 A chair with a planter in it.
 More wind chimes.
 Then he went to the flowers. Which he took a whole lot of pictures of the flowers.
This was one that he couldn't get the right angle of the flower on the tripod. He knew it but, still wanted the camera on the tripod.
This last picture he couldn't stand it and took the camera off the tripod and called it a day. Good job Little Man.

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