Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kansas State Fair and the Kids 2016

This year the kids and I actually made it up to the State Fair to participate in the 4-H happenings. Usually, in the past we had others take the projects in for us and pick them up. This year we went up there ourselves.

 Sweet Bug standing by her boxes. She was able to help out this year. She helped count all the insects in the boxes to help prepare for judging.
She received a purple ribbon at the state this year. She loved seeing all the boxes across the state rather than just our county. She now has a bigger list of bugs she wants to collect.
 I had to help her count how many insects and orders are in each box.
 Next year we plan on going up again and getting involved more with 4-H and helping out.

Bug received a purple ribbon on her Challah Bread and a blue ribbon on her photography.

Little Man was a bit bored as we hung around entomology for the most part this year. He received a purple ribbon on his photograph.
Everyone told us that we had to go see the yearly butter sculpture. Amazing, watching the individual work on it. A lot of butter for sure. 

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